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Conditions of Carriage


  • Security and tranquility of the trip
  • Certainty and continuity of service, including through a rational integration of transport
  • Timely publication and easy availability of the times they are (where possible) integrated and coordinated with the necessary means of transport to the completion of the journey
  • Easy access to information regarding the trip and tariffs, and also regarding the means of transport and the terminal; timely information on the continuation of the journey by other means of transport (if possible), in case of abnormality or accident
  • Right times of departure and arrival in all the stops planned route (compatibly with traffic conditions)
  • Hygiene and cleanliness of the means and the terminus; efficiency of support equipment and infrastructure
  • Recognizing ability of the staff and his job; easy traceability of employees during the trip
  • Compliance with "do not smoking" on the means of transport and in public spaces
  • Easy access to the procedure of "complaints", and timely response to them



  • Do not get in the bus without a travel ticket
  • Do not occupy more than one seat per person
  • Do not dirty and not damage walls and accessories
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not have behaviors that could disturb other people
  • Do not carry objects among those classified as harmful or dangerous, without complying with the directions set by the company
  • Do not use the warning signs or any emergency device, except in case of serious and imminent danger
  • Use the transport infrastructure promptly following the fixed rules - along with those of civil life - not compromising in any way the safety of the trip and the service levels for himself and for all those who travel.


Access to buses

  • At the appearance of the bus, to go up you must using a hand sign to warn the driver.
  • The climb is made exclusively from the front door, while the descent from the back door and / or center if the bus has three doors.
  • Ascent and descent must be made to stopped bus
  • Disabled people in wheelchairs can access to transportation services using buses displaying on the front door and near the door to climb the stylized symbol of a white wheelchair.


Children transportation

  • Each user, equipped with a regular travel document, entitled to travel free of charge up to two children no taller than one meter. When a traveler has with him more than two children less than one meter tall, in addition to the travel document for the accompanying passenger it’s necessary to purchase an additional ticket. Children can take individually seats as the number of tickets purchased.
  • For security reasons you can’t get on the bus with children on pushchairs. These ones must be folded and back to fit the specified limits.


Transport of animals

  • There are admitted for free guide dogs for the blind people, which are equipped with leash and muzzled basket.
  • Small and medium size dogs equipped with leash and muzzled basket are allowed at the normal rate. They are allowed no more than two dogs to the car as long as they travel only in the back of the bus.
  • Dog owner must prevent the dog to go up to the seat, to dirty or deteriorate the vehicle or cause damage to passengers
  • Cats and birds are allowed only transported in cages or baskets of dimensions not exceeding cm. 25x45x80. During the trip, animals, cages and containers must be taken in such a way to not cause discomfort and damage to people or objects
  • Passengers accompanying animals are required to pay compensation for any damage caused to the car, objects or other travelers.


Luggage transportation

  • The ticket is required for luggage larger than cm. 25x30x50.
  • There are not allowed in any case luggages larger than 80x45x25 cm and weight greater than 20 kg.
  • There are not allowed packages that exceed even one side cm. 90, which have sharp edges or are flammable material or fragile.


Behavior during the trip

  • The traveler can occupy a single seat, avoiding cluttering the ascent and descent areas;
  • The traveler, when required, shall to document his general information to the agents of the Company, which in the exercise of  their  functions are people in charge of public service and, therefore, protected by Article. 336 and following of the Criminal Code.
  • It’s forbidden to dirty or damage the vehicle.
  • It’s prohibited to use the stop signal without no need.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • It’s prohibited any behavior that disturb the driver and other passengers.
  • It’s forbidden to carry objects between those classified harmful and dangerous.
  • It’s forbidden to activate alarm signals or any emergency device except in case of serious and imminent danger.
  • It’s forbidden to talk to the driver while driving.
  • The traveler must comply with the instructions and the requirements of providers of services and the indications received from operators.


Use of tickets

  • To be entitled to transportation you must be in possession of a valid travel ticket. It’s possible, if the conditions of traffic and / or affluence permit and the driver will have availability, buy the ticket on board, paying the increase provided. It’s driver's discretion to determine whether the exchange operation can be hazardous to the health of passengers and / or interfere negatively on journey times.
  • The subscription, card, or the card to free movement must be shown to the driver who has a duty to verify the possession of the passenger at the time of the climb in the car. The ticket must be validated immediately on board before sitting down. In case of bad or non-functioning of order, you have to give immediate notice to the driver.
  • It must retain the title travel intact and recognizable for the whole time of its validity.
  • The ticket must be presented at every check, if it’s not in possession or if it’s appeared irregular, you should avoid discussions with the investigating agent. Any disputes must refer to the relevant offices.

The traveler is considered in effect without a travel ticket when:

  • Though in possession of the ticket has not validated as expected.
  • Presents subscription or ticket with visible signs of alteration and counterfeiting.
  • Use the ticket or a subscription beyond the time of validity.
  • Use the ticket or a subscription rate less than expected.
  • Presents a facilitated subscription not accompanied by the required documentation (identification card issued by the Municipality)
  • Presents an ordinary subscription unaccompanied by regular ID.



  • Passengers without a regular ticket is subject to the payment of the fine provided by art. 42 of L.R. No. 16 of 16/06/2003 from € 100.00 to € 500.00 in addition to the ticket price.
  • Passengers without a regular ticket may pay the fine provided through postal slip inspectors which will be released by the inspection staff contextually to the establishment and verbalization infringement.
  • In case of reported abuse of the subscription cards or free movement, in addition to payment of the fine and the ticket price is expected to seizure of the document and the complaint to the Judicial Authority.
  • The traveler who contravenes the provisions of this Regulation can’t be accepted on the bus or has to get off  from the bus before the end of the trip, by the service personnel or officers of the Company, without prejudice to any prosecution.