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Where can I buy tickets RomeAirportBus ?
You can buy our tickets online at this website , at the airports  Fiumicino and Ciampino , on the bus or in one of our storesauthorized. See the full list.

How do I pay a ticket RomeAirportBus?
If you buy online you can pay with credit card or Paypal account. At the box office and in retail outlets authorized, the payment method most often used is  cash.In some boxesespecially at major airports , you can also pay by credit card.

What should I do if I do not receive the confirmation of my purchase via email?
Once you have completed the purchase process , the system sends an email to confirm the outcome, which is available in the link where you can see your purchases and print your e-ticket . If you do not receive this email , but you have received a confirmation of payment ( Paypal ) you should contact immediately RomeAirportBus to find out what went wrong.

What should I do if my booking is not ' successful or if there were errors?
If you do not receive an email most likely the transaction is not successful and no charge has been made about your users, in this case you'll want to try again and if the problem persists, you must write to us saying that transaction has  been unsuccessful.

If my flight is delayed or arriving late at the start of the shuttle , can I still use my ticket?
Yes, without having to register any change booking. If you would like to get on the bus where everything is already full , you can use the same ticket to get on another bus. The priorities are managed according to the time of arrival.

I have left something on the bus , how can I get it back?
Yes.To  contact our customer service about lost  and foundyou mayhead  to our box office RomeAirportBus box. Contact

Where is the bus stop at the airport? Where is the bus stop at Roma Termini?

Fiumicino Airport: At the arrivals of Terminal 3 , Stall No. 6 ( out of terminal you go right ,  keep going straight to the parking lot n ° 6)

Ciampino Airport: Arrivals - Stall No. 3 ( out of terminal you go left)

Rome Termini Central Station : Via Giovanni Giolitti

Is there any time of year where the transfer service is not effectedto the center of Rome?
No, we provide a transfer service 7 days a week, all year round.

I can not print the ticket / I forgot to print the ticket , it is sufficient to show on mySmartphone or Tablet?
No. To get on the bus you must print the ticket received via e-mail.

Do I have to pay an extra tax for my luggage?
No, the luggage is included in the ticket price.