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In connection with the provision of customer service by transport companies, refer to the details below. The service provided by our company includes only the transport of passengers, Although the content of the website and the booking process are available in several languages, tickets and e-mail confirmation will be generated exclusively in Italian. Similarly, all communications to and from the company Schiaffini Travel SpA to be conducted in Italian.

The online ticket is created at the time of booking confirmation upon payment and is intended to allow the staff immediate feedback of tickets required. The "online ticket" is replaced with the original ticket carrier. The rates applicable are those displayed on the site, so there may be restrictions than the rates charged by the carrier.

Buying the ticket, you confirm the payment and ticketing following confirmation of booking. Booking confirmation can be immediate or deferred. The contract will be concluded at the time that you receive the booking confirmation. To make sure you buy your ticket to the required conditions you will have to wait a receipt summary from Schiaffini Travel SpA. The currency of payment is Euro.

Schiaffini Travel guarantees a secure payment with Paypal technology. Schiaffini Travel never comes into possession of credit card data. Paypal system encrypts all communications between your computer and the server preventing information eavesdropping.

Buying tickets online is governed by the following regulations: Leg. n. 50/92 implementing Directive n. 85/577 concerning contracts negotiated away from business premises; Leg. n. 185/1999, implementing Directive no. 97 / 7CE on the protection of consumers concerning distance contracts; According to Article 7 Leg. 185/1999, the right of withdrawal shall be deemed excluded.

Customer must keep his own ticket in a safe place as it will not be issued replacement tickets. Customer must show or purchase a ticket at the time that get on the bus. Ticket remains property of the company and must be shown to be checked and, if requested, must be delivered to a company official authorized at the express request. The customer is not authorized to use any transport service without a valid ticket for the entire itinerary that want to follow.

The ticket entitles you to use all the transport services provided. For more details check it on the web site. At the expiry of the validity of the ticket, the customer must leave the bus at the first opportunity or buy a new ticket. Will not be granted extensions. Tickets do not guarantee travel on a specific service or a specific time.

Customer must keep safe the ticket. Customers caught traveling without a valid ticket will be required to pay the full price of the ticket beyond the penalties.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Children under 4 years and under one meter tall travel free if accompanied by an adult (one adult per child) as long as they do not occupy a place that could be destined to a passenger which has a ticket.

The company does its best to provide the most accurate information possible on points and departure times. However, the Company reserves the right to change points or departure times without notice if circumstances require.

The Company reserves the right to change the route of the service in case of processions and parades or in any other circumstances in which this should be the most reasonable choice in the light of events beyond its control.

The Company reserves the right to deny access to the tour from a particular starting point if the circumstances were deemed likely to jeopardize the safety of passengers.

Products purchased online are subject to restrictions and you can’t make changes or request refunds. In this prevailing the conditions established by each individual carrier.

If the company is unable to provide the service during the period of validity of your ticket for circumstances that fall under its control, the customer will be entitled to a refund of full ticket price or of part of  ticket price. Any request for reimbursement must be submitted in writing (enclosing the tickets) to the offices of the Company, to the following address: Schiaffini Travel SpA – Via Strelitzie, 36 - 00134 Roma.

The Customer shall take care of all his personal items. The Company assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, direct or consequential loss, whatever the cause, except if they are caused by the negligence of the Company, in which case its liability (except cases of death or personal injury) for damages shall be limited to reimbursement of the ticket price.

Consumption of food and alcoholic beverages on the bus is prohibited. 

If the ticket was purchased from one of the authorized agents to sell tickets of our company, any question relating to the purchase of the ticket or any refund request must be directed to the agent who sold the ticket.

The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove passengers whose behavior is considered offensive or harassing towards other passengers or whose behavior is considered dangerous for their own or others' safety and declines any responsibility in this regard.